Herzlich willkommen bei Jesscia Kuhn, Cellistin
Herzlich willkommen bei Jesscia Kuhn, Cellistin

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Jessica Kuhn
Hausnummer 45
83256 Frauenchiemsee
+49 89 12 07 71 90

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Jessica Kuhn
Hausnummer 45
83256 Frauenchiemsee
Telephone: +49 175 2 41 26 99
email: cello@jessicakuhn.de
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The Logs for the actual day are updated almost in real time. As a result of the big amount of data Log-data are kept ready maximum 9 weeks.
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You will not find anymore a link to Facebook on my website because I intentionally signed off from Facebook. If you wish to contact me or/and to stay informed about my activities please visit my website or send me your email or/and post adress. I will be pleased to record you at my mailing list which I use to send about quarterly informations about my concerts or other of my musical news to all interested persons.
May 21st 2018